Born in Boston but raised in Worcester, MA, Cesar Burgos is dedicated to continuing his mission of helping the community through his company, Caring Transitions of Worcester Commonwealth. Caring Transitions specializes in senior relocation, downsizing, and estate sales, providing valuable assistance to clients by de cluttering homes, selling items, and managing the packing, unpacking, and relocation process—a comprehensive solution for families.

Caring Transitions is a nationwide franchise, allowing owners to connect clients across different states to meet their relocation needs. They also offer an online auction platform that enables clients to not only sell items locally but also reach a global market, attracting a wide range of buyers. You can learn more about their online auction services at

Seniors often require assistance with their daily activities, and sometimes they may not receive the help they need. Caring Transitions is here to provide that support. They offer a variety of services, allowing clients to select the ones that best suit their needs, ultimately making their lives less stressful. For additional information, please visit their website at:
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