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About Us

Who We Are

The United Latinos Business Alliance (ULBA) is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts's vibrant and diverse community. Our primary focus is facilitating networking opportunities for Latino business owners and professionals, empowering them to expand their connections, grow their businesses, and reach new heights of success.
At ULBA, we recognize the tremendous power of collaboration and support within the business world. By fostering a dynamic network of like-minded individuals, we can create a thriving community that empowers its members to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact. Through our strategic initiatives, resources, and events, we strive to enhance the business landscape for the Latino community in Massachusetts and beyond.

Networking is the cornerstone of our organization. Building strong relationships and establishing valuable connections are essential for business growth and expansion. At ULBA, we provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where Latino business owners and professionals can unite, share their expertise, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful partnerships. Through our diverse range of networking events, seminars, and workshops, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge, industry insights, and business opportunities, enabling our members to thrive in their respective fields.
Our commitment extends beyond business networking. We are dedicated to empowering the Latino community and helping individuals reach newer heights of success. By offering access to resources, mentorship programs, and educational initiatives, ULBA supports our members' personal and professional development. When empowered and united, the Latino community can achieve extraordinary things.
Based in the heart of Massachusetts, ULBA is proud to serve this region's vibrant Latino business community. Massachusetts is a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural diversity, providing a fertile ground for our members to network, collaborate, and flourish. We actively engage with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders to create a thriving ecosystem that nurtures the growth and prosperity of the Latino business community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for the advancement and prosperity of the Latino business community. We aspire to build a robust network that not only strengthens our members' professional growth and economic success but also amplifies the collective voice and influence of the Latino business community as a whole. By fostering strategic partnerships, advocating for equitable opportunities, and providing valuable resources, ULBA seeks to empower individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve newer heights of success, ultimately contributing to the Latino community's overall economic and social well-being.

Our Mission

The mission of the United Latinos Business Alliance (ULBA) is to empower and unite Latino business owners and professionals by fostering a dynamic network that promotes collaboration, growth, and success. We aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment that leverages the power of networking to provide access to valuable resources, opportunities, and connections, enabling our members to thrive and make a significant impact in their industries and communities.
Meet our team

Our Board of Directors

The non-profit organization's board of directors provides strategic guidance and governance, ensuring compliance and effective decision-making to fulfill the organization's mission and serve its stakeholders.

Charles Parrilla

President / Director Operations
Real Estate Professional / Entrepeneur located in MA & FL

Noel Nieves

VIce President /  Treasurer
Tax professional owner of NHN Tax Resources serving Central MA.

Ever Feliciano Jr.

Marketing Director
Owner of Everbeez Graphics located in Worcester, MA.

Rosanna Alcaraz

Association Support / Co-Founder
Owner of Ziggurat Consulting Group INC. Located in Milford, MA

Alexandra Vazquez

Board Advisor
Mortgage Loan Officer MIlestone Solutions located in Shrewsbury, MA

Elizabeth Fernandez

Public Relations
Independent Director Mary Kay products USA

Marian Torres

Event & Newsletter Coordinator
Owner of Blessed Home Decorations Worcester, MA

Mike McGrail

Board Advisor
Apricot Solar | Solar Advisor

Mary Gomez

Entrepreneur / Coach
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